DFRobotGravitySeries is a high quality open-source, modular, plug and play electronics toolkit for everyone to create anything easily. With powerful expansion shields, various professional functional modules with standard interfaces and clear documentations, Gravity Series allows users of any skill level to easily connect and mix to realize ideas or develop projects.

GravitySeries is the world's first in using color coded pin headers to represent pin properties. We created more than 250Gravitymodules, such asarduino pH sensor,arduino soil moisture sensor, etc. And each one comes with detailed tutorials including wiring pictures, operation steps, sample codes and schematics. OurGravity: 27 Pcs Sensor Set for Arduinocomes with bundle of the most popular graivty sensors, shop now!

Working Voltage: 3.3V5V12V24V
Types of Signal: AnalogDigitalI2CUART
Integrated Development Environment: Arduino IDEMind+
Programming Language: C++MakecodeMicroPythonMind+Python
Interface: PH2.0Pin

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